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Short for Web-based seminar, a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the internet. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements - the ability to give, receive and discuss information.

Here is a list of our current webinars. See fuller details about each webinar on their individual webpages.


The WWW of Mastering Email Overload - 7th May

In just 45 minutes, we will show you 3 strategic steps and 9 specific actions you can take to ovedrcome email overload, gain more control, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and radically improve your productivity.  More


Email Mastery Webinar Series   ***NEW***

In response to those crying out for a practical and affordable solution to the challenges of e-mail productivity, this webinar series has been developed to show you the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills and strategies that will significantly improve your personal e-mail productivity and effectiveness.

It takes the content from the years of our popular and successful face-to-face workshops and presentations and re-packages it to suit an information-rich, fast-paced, interactive webinar format.

Each webinar is 45-60 mins duration and this format allows you to learn 'on the run' in bite-size chunks which you can immediately apply 'on the job' and help you progress from email overload and overwhelm towards Email Mastery. More details here

The series of webinars covers;

  1. Introduction to E-mail Overload and What You Can Do About it
  2. Why You Should NOT Check E-mail First Thing in the Morning
  3. Constant E-mail Interruptions & Multi-tasking – is there a better way? 
  4. An Empty In-box: Is it Possible (or even desirable)?
  5. Help! Where Should I Keep All This E-mail (and find it again quickly later)?
  6. 7 Ways to Write More Effective E-mail

The program is being piloted at the moment and will be available later in the year. Details coming soon.

If you'd like to find out about making this series available 'in-house' for your organisation, just contact us now

7 Ways to Write More Effective Email **NEW**

This 60 minute webinar will show you how (and when) to write a powerful email that gets attention, engages your reader and motivates them to promptly take the action or response you request. More


How to Get (and keep) Your In-box Empty in 2013

This 45 minute webinar will show how to quickly (and immediately) empty your inbox, organise your folders and then use the 4D Methodology to keep your inbox empty this year. More


Email Effectiveness Q&A webinar

This is our usual free monthly Q&A webinar. This 30-45 minute webinar is designed as follow up, support and a refresher for those who have participated in any of the Email Tiger workshops, seminars, webinars or coaching sessions in the past. More