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Email Mastery Training Workshops

One of the biggest issues facing organisations and their staff this year (and beyond) will be the increasing complaints about ‘lost productivity’, ‘being overwhelmed’, feeling ‘stressed’ and even staff ‘burnout’ as a result of relentless work pressure, especially from e-mail 'overload'. 

We have developed a series of presentations and training workshops that teach you the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills and strategies that significantly improve individual and organisational e-mail productivity.

Some of the most popular solutions for accessing our expertise are outlined below. These time effective, half-day workshops deliver high-quality, practical and easily implemented solutions that will significantly reduce the amount of  time spent reading, writing and handling e-mail.

“The sales team really took something out of your session. We were talking about the training all evening. Clearly the topic hit a nerve with the team. One of the most common conversations we had was why, as an organisation, is it that we train our team on sales skills and time management etc but yet we’ve never offered any training on the tool they use the most, all day everyday (Outlook).

Great course and excellent results for us already. All this mornings’ emails already have your suggested adaptations. Looks like Taming the TIGER was a winner. Thanks again.”

 Mark McInnes | National Sales & Marketing Manager | Show Technology | February 2013