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Seminars & Short Presentations on E-mail Effectiveness

The presentations described below can be delivered to your people through a variety of flexible formats, anywhere from from 45-90 minutes. The following suggested presentation outlines are ideal for;

  • business breakfast
  • lunch ‘n learn session
  • seminar/conference presentation (breakout session or keynote)
  • executive or team meeting 
  • an in-house webinar for your organisation


The WWW of Mastering Email Overload 

  • Are you struggling to keep up with the staggering volume of email you receive?
  • Do you get constant email interruptions?
  • Have you found email to be one of your biggest time wasters at work?

Email is always in the top 3 problems of knowledge workers today. Many say that email is the single biggest time waster of modern business life.

“I wish to confirm my statement re your presentation on ‘Mastering Email Overload’ was the best presentation I have attended in the past 20 years”. Andy Forster | Finance Consulting & Accounting

 This 45-90 minute presentation will demonstrate a proven approach to better managing this critical aspect of your daily work. We'll look at the 3 strategic steps that must be controlled in order to get control of email;

  • WHEN to check email (and when to NOT look at it)
  • WHAT to do with each email so that it is handled only once (and how to automate some of these decisions)
  • WHERE to file or store email and attachments

Unpacking the 3 strategic steps, we’ll explore 9 specific actions and numerous practical tips you can take to quickly get a grip on email overload, gain more control, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and radically improve your productivity and communication effectiveness.

Choose from one of 3 package options to suit your budget.

What you learn could change the way you work   . . .   forever!


Listen to Steuart speak on these strategies;

The following audio clips are from a radio interview with Mandy at Radio West

The WWW of Mastering Email overview - 2:41 mins

When to Handle Email - 2:17 mins

What to do with Email (Part 1) - 2:23 mins

What to do with Email (Part 2) - 1:43 mins

Where to file Emails - 3:34 mins


Read Steuart's articles on these strategies;

Click on links below to access each article

Strategy #1 - The WHEN of Mastering Email 

Strategy #2 - The WHAT of Mastering Email 

Strategy #3 - The WHERE of Mastering Email 


"Great for hints and tips, even if you have been using email for a long time." Lisa Brock | Latrobe Community Health Service


7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Check E-mail First Thing in the Morning

  • Which software application do you fire up first thing in the morning? 
  • Which one do you spend most of your day in? 
  • Which one has the potential to be your biggest time waster?  

This is a controversial subject and certainly goes against the currently accepted culture of checking email 'first thing' that prevails in most organisations! Yet many people consider e-mail to be the biggest time waster and source of frustration in modern business life. This session will look at;

  • Why email is NOT the best place to start your day?
  • What are the alternatives to checking email first thing?
  • How much difference will this really make to your productivity?
  • When should you check e-mail (if not first thing)?

Why not get your people thinking 'outside the square' with this thought-provoking presentation.


 7 Ways to Write More Effective Email Communications

  • Do you get frustrated that your emails often don’t get a response?
  • Or the response is too slow?
  • Or you keep sending endless emails back and forth to get a result? 

Email can be one of the most effective and quickest ways to communicate, yet it’s easy to fall into email traps which reduce the effectiveness of your message and even lead to an increased workload. This fast-paced, information-rich presentation will show you how (and when) to;

  • write a powerful email that gets attention,
  • engages your reader, and
  • motivates them to take the action or response you need (in a timely manner)

What you learn will help you spend less time on email and get better results!


How to Get (and Keep) and Empty In-box

  • Has your inbox become more and more crowded with incoming email?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the number of messages currently sitting in your inbox? 
  • Would you like to feel that your inbox is under control?

Email is always one of the Top 3 problems in workplaces today, so why not invest a little in yourself to get your mailbox under control so you can focus on other things? This short presentation will show how to;

  • quickly empty your inbox (right now!)
  • organise your folders
  • use the 4D Methodology to keep your inbox empty in future

You can also choose a package which includes 1:1 coaching for some or all attendees to follow up on the strategies and ideas shown in the presentation.


The High Performance Workplace 

As the world becomes increasingly busy and complex, effective time management skills and productivity practices are now more relevant than ever. Many time management books and programs try to teach you how to get it all done. But that’s a mistake. Because it is impossible to get it all done. And it can be dangerous to try.  

This presentation is ideal for those who are time poor and crying out for highly practical, easily-implemented and time proven skills, strategies that will help them to better manage their time and workload, get control of email, improve morale and reduce stress.

Introduction - The Three Phases of Work

1. Managing Information & E-mail Overload

  • The Impact of overload on time, money, staff morale, IQ and work/life balance
  • The WWW of Mastering Email

2. Managing Interruptions

  • The incredibly negative cumulative effect of interruptions
  • Keys to controlling & prioritising interruptions

3. Managing Commitments

  • The basic requirements for managing commitments appropriately
  • The invaluable ‘2 Minute Rule’

4. Managing Priorities

  • The Triage Method & Covey’s Urgent/Important matrix
  • Finding your 5 Areas of Focus

5. Managing Energy & Attention

  • Identifying & harnessing your Peak Energy Time
  • When you should and should NOT perform certain tasks
  • How (and when) to handle all the conversations and other ‘stuff’ that just pops up every day
Conclusion – Plan of Action for Next 90 days


The High Performance Workplace programme has been successfully delivered to a wide range of organisations since 2006 across top 500 Australian businesses, government and semi-government agencies, health and community service services, and business groups as well as individual coaching for senior executives (often along with their PA).

This program can be delivered in flexible formats, such as;

  • 1 x full day workshop
  • 2 x half day workshops
  • 5 x 90 minute sessions (eg: one per month) 
  • 5 x webinars

What others say about this presentation:

“Gidday Steuart, trust you are well.  We are encouraged as chairs to give immediate feedback to our presenters, but this unfortunately does not let our presenters know how effective they are over a longer period of time.  At the last meeting of TEC 48 I presented one of our members, Anthony Kerr with his 5 year membership plaque and gift and I then asked him to share with the group some highlights of his membership.  You were one of five speakers out of at least 50 that have presented to our group.  Not only that, there are a few other members that remember your presentation and said that to this day they are practicing the skills that you taught us.  That includes this old bloke as well.”

Bob Kerr, Chairman, TEC 48 – Newcastle (May 2016 for presentation made in December 2011)


Other topics

We have a range of other topics and/or can tailor something to suit your purpose, available time and budget – just call to discuss.

What can you do now?

If you have any questions, simply contact Steuart Snooks on 0413 830 772 as soon as you’re ready to discuss how we can deliver any of these presentations for your organisation.