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The Science of Writing Effective Email

Email has largely replaced face-to-face and phone conversations.

Research suggests 80% of business communication is now handled via email. But it has no signals, or clues and provides no feedback such as eye contact, body language or voice tone. There are only words on a screen.

So how do you engage your reader? How do you build relationship and rapport? How do you develop the trust needed to get agreement, persuade others to your point of view, deliver customer service, make sales and achieve the results you desire via email?

This workshop shows you how to attract attention, engage interest, get agreement and achieve real results from your outgoing email communications.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is ideal for Executives, Managers, Customer Service Agents, Salespeople and anyone who needs to;

  • Understand the hidden message in any email
  • Identify the tone of an email and respond appropriately
  • Build rapport, relationship and trust
  • Provide customer service (resolve issues and satisfy complaints)
  • Close more deals when making sales
  • Negotiate issues and achieve agreement
  • Predict and influence behaviour and decision-making via email

What Others Say:

“This course was tabled as Writing Customer Focused Emails but was much more. It was a thorough rebuilding of understanding of what email is and how it can be managed and utilised for best effect. I say this needs to be rolled out to more people so that we can get onto the same page with understanding email use”

B. Kohler, Mercedes-Benz 

Workshop content:

Here’s what the workshop covers;

  • Recognising when to email and when NOT to email (Email vs IM vs Phone) 
  • Identifying the desired outcome for your email (there are only 4) 
  • The 3 components for writing powerful, effective subject lines 
  • Understanding the 4 communication styles and adapting your message to suit 
  • How to use the ‘mirroring technique’ (not paraphrasing) in your email responses 
  • Identifying the tone of an email and how to respond accordingly 
  • Recognising incongruent language and the 3 words you should NEVER use in an email 
  • Using the Agreement Framework to overcome objections and potential conflict 
  • Writing with Active rather than Passive voice to engage your reader 
  • Constructing email in Inverted Pyramid format (and when to use Diamond Sequence instead) 
  • Writing concisely to achieve greater clarity - streamlining your paragraphs, phrases and words 
  • How to keep track of emails you need to follow up on 
  • Why (and how) you should write an email backwards 
  • Email etiquette – greetings, closings, when to use CC, BCC and Reply All and more . . .

What’s included:             

Pre-workshop – An on-line survey to identify your current challenges, aims and objectives when using email. Results are compiled and presented for discussion as part of the workshop. 

Workshop - A dynamic, interactive and highly practical half-day workshop utilising multi-media to enhance the learning experience for each participant. Includes;   

  • comprehensive workbook/manual
  • laminated ‘cheat sheets’ (one page summaries of key topics)
  • Email templates/drafts/checklists

Post workshop – Recognising e-mail habits are hard to change, the workshop is supported by;  

  • PDF version of the workshop slideshow available to each participant 
  • Series of ‘how to’ tips to remind and reinforce the key lessons
  • a 45 minute Q&A webinar 3-4 weeks later to answer questions and share insights



Download workshop flyer here 


What can you do now?

If you have any questions, simply contact Steuart Snooks on 0413 830 772 or email using the details on the Contact page of this website to discuss your interest in this workshop for your team.