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Revolutionise Your Email

Here's how you can revolutionise the email culture for yourself, your team or even your whole organisation . . .  in just 90 minutes!

The WWW of Mastering Email Overload is a fast-paced, information-rich, time-effective 90-minute presentation that will literally ‘change your life’.

These days, email is probably the biggest time waster and source of frustration in your working life. You probably get overwhelmed by emails, requests, pressing deadlines and constant interruptions on a daily basis. And this too often leaves you feeling frustrated, stressed and dispirited at the end of the day.

Keeping up with all your email is a relevant part of your job but it just seems to take an incredibly disproportionate amount of your time to manage it.

I want to help you turn this around.

Imagine being able to say the same as one of my recent clients who said; 


You see, I've been working with busy professionals for over a decade now in this area of email productivity. I've seen hundreds of my clients take back control of their inbox, save enormous amounts of time, energy and mental focus and better manage their overall workload.

And I can show you how to do it too.

That’s why I recommend the Revolutionise Your Email program to you and your organisation. It is a distillation of my 10+ years of research and hands-on experience looking into the best practices for mastering email, condensed into a fast-paced, information-rich, time-effective 90-minute presentation – no fluff, no theory, just practical strategies that genuinely work.

In just 90 minutes you’ll learn the 3 key strategies needed to get control of your email;

     * WHEN you should look at it (and when you shouldn't)
     * WHAT to do with each message
     * WHERE to file and store them

Here's the presentation handout showing the 3 key strategies, 9 specific actions and 27 practical tips you can use to get control of your inbox, empty the inbox, reduce frustration, save an enormous amount of time and radically improve your workplace productiviy.

What you'll learn is highly relevant, intensely practical and proven to be effective by hundreds and hundreds of past participants. You'll be able to;

  • get control of constant email interruptions and distractions
  • recognise how often to check email (and best times of the day) - this is #1 of the 164 known solutions to email overload
  • handle each email only once using the powerful 4D process
  • get (and keep) your inbox empty - you’ll be blown away just how easy this is with the strategies we’ll teach you
  • set up defaults, rules and templates to automate and speed up repetitive email tasks
  • quickly file and retrieve email with a simplified email folder structure
  • regain 15-20% of your mental space and focus

And here’s what some recent participants say about the presentation;

  • I actually found the whole session incredibly interesting, educational and helpful. Content was really well targeted and great resources ready to be handed to participants. The facilitator not only knew the subject material extremely well, he was engaging and presented at just the right pace.
  • Concise and practical tips for improving email management from a lively and inspirational speaker
  •  The presenter was fantastic and his presentation was very clear and concise
  • Power Point presentation excellent, and reference page with handy links brilliant
  • Very relevant information short straight to the point

Email Mastery 10 Point Checklist

Most importantly, after the presentation you’ll receive the Email Mastery 10 Point Checklist as a one-page PDF document.

This checklist outlines the 10 key strategies discussed during the presentation with 14 links to  show you the ‘how to’ steps for implementing each strategy.

You can work through this checklist back at your computer in your own time, at your own pace, in the days following the presentation.

And I’m available on-line or on the phone to help you through any difficulties if you ‘get stuck’.

Additional Resources

1: Slideshow from the presentation

So many past participants have requested a copy of the slideshow because it so powerfully demonstrates the lessons and examples we discuss during the presentation.

2: Series of 25 email tips

These tips are designed to reinforce, consolidate and extend what you lean from the presentation. Every couple of days you'll receive an email with a highly practical tip showing the 'how to' steps for implementing each tip.

3: Series of '7 Reasons' articles


7 Reasons You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning 

A controversial article on the counter-culture idea of NOT checking email first thing in the morning. It's a small change that can have profound results over the long haul - you'll achieve far more over a year if the focus of your day starts on the bigger picture objectives and commitments you have each day rather than on the inbox.


7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty 

This article looks at why it's so important to aim at keeping the inbox empty and under control. 

It's the master skill for managing not just your email but also your overall workload.


7 Reasons to NOT Use Email for Urgent Messages 

E-mail was designed as an ‘asynchronous’ mode of conversation – it was never meant for instant or urgent messages.

This article explores 7 reasons why you should NOT use e-mail for urgent messages. 


Learn more:

You can listen in or read the background rationale to this program via the following;

Listen to Steuart's radio interviews on these strategies

The WWW of Mastering Email overview - 2:41 mins

When to Handle Email - 2:17 mins

What to do with Email (Part 1) - 2:23 mins

What to do with Email (Part 2) - 1:43 mins

Where to file Emails - 3:34 mins

Read Steuart's articles on these strategies;

Strategy #1 - The WHEN of Mastering Email 

Strategy #2 - The WHAT of Mastering Email 

Strategy #3 - The WHERE of Mastering Email 

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