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Email Effectiveness Q&A webinar

This is our usual free monthly Q&A webinar to follow up and support those who have participated in any of the Email Tiger workshops, seminars, webinars or coaching sessions in the past.

If you have a question about using email (or Outlook) more effectively, simply email us with what you would most like to learn. We'll answer these questions first and then any questions that come from the audience during the webinar. Each webinar is different as the questions vary from month to month.

Even if you can't make it on the date, register for the webinar anyway - we'll send the recording and keep you posted about the next one.

Time:     11:00am-12:00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) 


Friday        15  May  – register here
Friday        19  June – register here
Friday        17  July – register here
Friday        21  August – register here
Friday        18  September – register here
Friday        16  October – register here
Friday        20  November – register here
Friday        18 December – register here

Fee:        FREE

How it works:

Participating is easy, even if you’ve never attended a webinar before - all you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a headset (or phone).

The webinar is "officially" scheduled to run up 60 minutes but if you get the answer you need, you can log off at any time! But it's always a good idea to stay on as it's amazing how someone else will have a question you didn't realise you also need and answer to!

Can’t make it on the day? We’ll send the recording link to everyone who registers, so then you can listen (or re-listen) to the recording at a time that suits you. 

When you register, we'll send you reminders for all the dates listed above. That way, if your schedule changes and you miss one month (it happens quite often), you'll be reminded about the next one!

And you don't have to wait to the webinar - email your question as you think of it and we'll have time in advance to prepare a solid answer with images, graphics or a show n' tell demonstration. These questions will be answered first, before any that come from the audience on the day.

Look forward to answering your questions on the webinar.