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Benchmark your Business!

How do you measure the effectiveness of the way e-mail is used in your business? And how does your organisation compare with others?

Chances are it’s costing your organisation at least $27,000 per employee per year just to ‘do e-mail’, based on our survey of Australian organisations since 2006.

Would you like to quickly uncover just how much e-mail is really costing your organisation (and what you can do about it)?

Our eProductivity Audit is a health check that will give you a quick diagnosis and snapshot of current email practices. It will identify areas of strength and weakness. It will identify areas of weakness and risk. And it will show you where to take action to save an astonishing amount of time and money.

Here’s what it reveals . . .

Results of the survey ar compiled into a report which reveals the following insights about the way e-mail is used by your people;

  • What is the impact of e-mail ‘as an interruption’ 
  • How much time is spent processing e-mail each day 
  • How much is this time worth per person on an annual basis 
  • What percentage of that e-mail volume is circulated ‘internally’ vs ‘externally’
  • How much e-mail is not directly related to the person receiving it 
  • What percentage of e-mail would actually be better communicated verbally 
  • How any e-mails remain in the in-box (ie: how much of a backlog of ‘unfinished business’ is there) 
  • What are the greatest frustrations & bugbears people when sending e-mail communications

See current benchmark averages (click images below to access larger versions)


Here’s how it works . . . 

Implementing this eProductivity Audit is easy . . .

  • Contact us to register for the Audit
  • We can tailor the questions to suit your objectives (eg: we can isolate results from senior management compared with supervisors or floor staff etc)
  • We’ll provide you with a link to the survey webpage. Forward this link to as many of your people in the organisation as you like 
  • Have them complete the survey on-line anonymously (just 8-10 mins) 
  • We will compile the results into a 7 page report of observations & insights (with graphs/charts), along with recommended steps that can be taken to address the issues which are highlighted. 
  • We’ll meet with you and other stakeholders to present the report and interpret the results for you
  • We will recommend eProductivity solutions that can save $6,750 to $10,800 per person per year!

Find out more:

For more details, contact Steuart Snooks now to discuss an eProductivity Audit for your organisation

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