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Email tip #4 - How to Manage Others' Email Expectations

Once you've scheduled designated, 'single-tasking' times to check you inbox (using the 4D method to handle each email only once) and turned off all the email alerts, you'll also need to manage other people’s expectations of how quickly you will respond to their email messages.

Now that you understand how important it is to control WHEN you check your email, you can explain your new email practices to others, many of whom will still be expecting instant or unreasonably rapid email responses from you.

Here's a sample message you might like to use to let people know about your new email management practices and asking for their assistance to help you be more productive.

You can support and reinforce your new policy by adding a PS to all your future emails. This should be located at the bottom of each message as part of your signature block. It will be the last thing they read and will gradually register at a sub-conscious level, helping to manage their expectations over a period of time.

Here's a sample of what you could write - feel free to adapt and adjust the wording to suit yourself.

Why not give one or both of these ideas a go over the next few weeks and see what difference they will make! Love to hear your feedback!

All the best!