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How to turn off default reminders in Calendar


The default setting on Outlook sets a reminder for every entry you make in the Calendar. Many of these are unnecessary, create unwanted interruptions and lead to you ignoring the alarms because they occur so often.


It’s better to turn off the default reminders so that you can choose to set a reminder only for those occasions when you really need one.


In Outlook 2010/13

• Select File in the top left hand corner and from the drop down menu, select Options

• In the new window which pops up, select Calendar and then under the Calendar option section untick the box beside Default reminders.

• Click OK to finish

In Outlook 2003/2007

• Select Tools and then Options from the menu bar at top of screen

• Under the Calendar section of the Preferences tab, uncheck the Default reminder

• Click Apply and then OK to save your new settings


By changing these defaults, you will move from an orientation that is inbox-based, interruption-driven and reactive, to something that is instead calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive. This is both a more productive and more satisfying way to work.