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Email Mastery Webinar Series


E-mail is probably the biggest time waster and source of frustration in modern business life.

It is central to many of the functions of modern business and a surprisingly high proportion of communications and workload sharing rely on this technology. Yet, as email volumes increase exponentially, along with the expectation and demands that accompany it, the time available to process them all remains unchanged. 

In response to those crying out for a practical and affordable solution to the challenge of e-mail overload, this series of 30-45 minute webinars has been developed to show you highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills and strategies. 

What you learn will significantly improve the way you harness technology to more effectively manage your time, workload, priorities, information and communication effectiveness.

Email Mastery Webinar Series (starts 18th August 2015)

The 5 part webinar series includes the following modules:

Introduction: E-mail Overload and What You Can Do About it (pre-recorded)

  1. Why You Should NOT Check E-mail First Thing in the Morning - 18 Aug
  2. Constant E-mail Interruptions & Multi-tasking – is there a better way? - 15 Sept
  3. An Empty In-box: Is it possible? - 14 Oct
  4. Where Should I Keep All This E-mail (and find it again quickly later)? - 10 Nov
  5. The 7 Ways to Write More Effective E-mail Communications - 8 Dec

Webinars run from 11:30am to 12:30pm on each date shown (Australian Eastern Standard Time - check local time in your area). All Tuesdays, except for webinar #3 which is on a Wednesday.

Register for the series here - Email Mastery Webinar Series Registration page

See further below for an overview of each webinar

Webinars include;

Essentials Package - $395

Series of 5 fortnightly webinars teaching you best practices to help you achieve Email Mastery! This package includes:

  • engaging, information-rich, fast-paced, and interactive on-line presentations
  • webinar handout (blank) prior to each webinar
  • mindmap (completed version of the handout) after the webinars
  • copy of webinar slideshows for future review
  • copy of webinar recordings for future review
  • links to ‘how to’ tips to help implement the key strategies and solutions

Premium Package - $495

Includes same as for Option 1 above plus the following invaluable resources;

  • comprehensive Reference/Resource Guidebook (80+ pages of ‘how tos’, screenshots)
  • one page ‘cheat’ sheet summarising key points, with action steps on reverse
  • mp3 audio of ‘7 Ways to Write More Effective Email’
  • link to downloadable ‘7 Ways to Write More Effective Email’ tips sheets
  • series of 25 follow up email tips to remind & reinforce the key aspects of the workshop
  • access to monthly Q&A webinars for next 12 months
  • templates, checklists, articles (including links to the ‘7 Series’ articles) and more!

Register for the series here - Email Mastery Webinar Series Registration page

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs help in getting control of  e-mail overload, managing their email tasks, writing more impactful messages, using appropriate email etiquette or improving their communication effectiveness & professionalism

Never attended a webinar before?

No problem. Participating is easy - all you need is a computer and an Internet connection and/or a telephone. Once you register, a link to join the webinar will be sent to your inbox.

Can't make it on date of the webinar?

No problem. Register anyway and you'll receive a link to a recording of the webinar you can tune into at a time of your own convenience. Plus you'll receive all the other follow up resources.

Webinar Presenter:  Steuart Snooks

Australia’s leading E-mail Strategist & Productivity Expert brings his many years of specialisation in researching and presenting E-mail Management Best Practices to this webinar series.

Registration details and costs (incl. GST)

  • $  97.00 per webinar or
  • $395.00 for whole series (save $90)

How to Register

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Introduction: Email Overload and What You Can Do About It (10 minutes)

Learning to master e-mail and handle it effectively is crucial to workplace productivity and effectiveness. This introductory webinar will look at;

  • the 8 critical impacts of e-mail and information overload
  • what is costing you and your organisation
  • 3 strategic steps to quickly eliminate e-mail overload
  • 9 specific actions you can take to get control and reduce frustration
  • an overview of the  E-mail Mastery webinar series

Webinar #1: Why you should NOT check email first thing in the morning!             

This is a controversial subject and certainly goes against the currently  accepted culture of checking E-mail 'first thing' that prevails in most organisations! But getting control of the way you start your day is critical if you want to be truly productive.  This session will look at;

  • why E-mail is NOT the best place to start your day
  • what are the alternatives to checking E-mail first thing?
  • how much difference will this really make to your productivity
  • when should you check e-mail (if not first thing)?

This thought-provoking webinar will get you thinking 'outside the inbox'

Register for this individual webinar here or the whole series here

Webinar #2: Constant E-mail Interruptions & multi-tasking – is there a better way?                  

Do you seem to work in a constant state of multi-tasking, trying to balance high priority work with a constant flow of new inputs in what is often a noisy,  cluttered & harried workplace environment. There must be a better way? This webinar covers;

  • the severe cumulative impact of e-mail ‘as-an-interruption’
  • how to control e-mail interruptions
  • how to manage others’ expectations of how quickly you’ll respond
  • the best times of day for monitoring and processing e-mail

What you learn will help you shift your focus from being e-mail-based, interruption-driven and reactive toward aworkign style that is calendar-based, plan-driven and proactive.

Register for this individual webinar here or the whole series here

Webinar #3: An Empty In-box: Is it possible (or even desirable)?                                                  

This webinar will uncover the two main reasons why most of us struggle to ever clear the inbox and  show a proven process to help you handle each message only once and get your in-box empty each day. This webinar discusses; 

  • the proven 4D approach to get (and keep) your in-box empty
  • getting to zero from where you are now
  • how to manage activities and tasks that arrive via e-mail
  • how to manage e-mails when you’re waiting for a reply

What you learn will change the way you work forever!

Register for this individual webinar here or the whole series here

Webinar #4: Help! Where Should I Keep All This Email (and find it again quickly later)?                    

With e-mail increasing e-mail volumes comes the need to quickly and effectively store your messages so you can access them as needed in the future. This webinar will help you;

  • understand which e-mails you should keep and what can be deleted
  • separate ‘finished’ from ‘unfinished’ email
  • simplify your e-mail folder structure for easier filing
  • quickly retrieve e-mails using search and sort tools
  • automate processing and filing of regular or routine e-mails
  • where to keep e-mails while you’re waiting for a response

You’ll learn how to gain more control, improve your response time, and keep up to date with critical actions and due dates.

Register for this individual webinar here or the whole series here

Webinar #5: Seven Ways to Write More Effective Email Communications                                   

E-mail can be one of the most effective and quickest ways to communicate, yet it’s easy to fall into e-mail traps which reduce the effectiveness of your message and even lead to an increased workload. This webinar will show you how to; 

  • understand synchronous versus asynchronous modes of communication
  • recognise when e-mail is NOT the best mode for your message
  • identify your desired outcome for each message (there are only ever 4)
  • use the inverted pyramid structure to engage your readers
  • why writing your email ‘backwards’ is more effective 

What you learn will help you spend less time on e-mail and get better results!

Register for this individual webinar here or the whole series here