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This page contains resources to support your participation in the CSE webinar series. Simply click any of the links below to access these materials.

Webinar #1: Getting a Grip on Email & Information Overload

A punchy, information-rich webinar hosted by New Zealand's Time Management Queen Robyn Pearce with Email Strategist Steuart Snooks discussing 3 strategic steps and 9 specific actions that can be taken to get a grip on email and information overload.


Webinar recording


How to manage email interruptions

How to handle each email only once

How to convert an email into a calendar item


Webinar #2: How to Manage Commitments

If you've been meaning to get something down for a long time or ever say "I don't have time", this webinar show you how to better manage the commitments you have.



Webinar recording



The importance of 'getting clear'

How to get make your to-dos into actions and outcomes

The incredible power of the 2 Minute Rule


Webinar #3: Are You peaking? How to make the most of your peak energy time

While every minute of the day is of the same duration, not every minute is of the same value! This webinar will help you to identify and harness your ‘Peak Energy Time’.



Webinar recording

Additional Resources


Peak Time Clockface

Peak Time - A strategy for Implementation

Peak Time - Establishing Agreements for uninterrupted peak time