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8th International “Clean Out Your Inbox Week” (January 18th - 24th)

Three of the world’s Email Experts are getting together     for the 8th International “Clean Out Your Inbox Week” in January (18th-24th). 
Steuart Snooks (Australia), Marsha Egan (USA) and Monica Seeley (UK) are linking up to challenge individuals, businesses and organizations throughout the world to take control of their email at the start of new business year.
“It is not just about clean inboxes; it is about collective email best practices that have significant impact on overall workplace productivity and communication effectiveness” says the event’s founder Marsha Egan, America’s email productivity guru.
“Email is a highly effective communication tool and critical to operations for most businesses today. However, we seem to have developed a dependency on email that is actually counter-productive. Many people struggle with email ‘overload’ and feel a sense of frustration and being overwhelmed from trying to keep up with its endless demands”, says UK’s leading email expert Monica Seeley.
“So many of the challenges associated with email are the same for people all around the world, so it made sense to team up with Marsha and Monica to provide this global ‘Clean Out Your Inbox Week’ initiative as an opportunity for individuals and businesses to go from email overload to an empty inbox”, says Melbourne-based Steuart Snooks, an email strategist and productivity expert who has worked in this field for the past 16 years.
The trio of email experts will combine their collective expertise and experience to provide ideas, tips and resources to help you clean out your inbox during this week-long initiative. Most of the resources are free, some are for a fee.
Steuart says, “Our aim is to help people make 2015 the year they really get control of email overload with proven best practices to improve the way they use email to enhance their workplace productivity”.

Below are some 'before and after' photos taken from Taming the Email Tiger workshops in thye past 12 months or so. They show the power of a proven method for processing email.

Visit this page next week for interviews with industry experts, blogs, video clips, articles, tips, plus competitions and prizes will be posted to the following sites;

The themes for each day of the Clean Out Your Inbox Week are;

  • Day 1: Monday - WHY should we clean out the inbox
  • Day 2: Tuesday - WHEN this email be checked
  • Day 3: Wednesday - WHAT is the process for cleaning out the inbox
  • Day 4: Thursday - WHERE to file emails way from the inbox
  • Day 5: Friday - HOW (pulling it all together to clean out your inbox today!)

The week concludes with the Clean Out Your Inbox webinar that pulls all the week's strategies together in a fast-paced, information-rich, 60 minute on-line webinar. Tune in from anywhere round the world and gain the same benefits as Mike Allen from the Centre for Organisation Development, who said:

"Thank you. What a great webinar! I have restructured my mail box as per your process and it was all quite painless, God knows why it took my so long to get off my bottom. Talk about diamonds in your own back yard, phowgh!"

And finally, you can also join in the Email Olympics, a challenge to see if you can keep your inbox empty. Tell us on the Clean Out Your Inbox Facebook page how many emails sit in your inbox at the end of each day. The aim is to achieve zero (0) in the inbox for at least 5 days (like the 5 rings of the Olympics) over the following 10 days (as not everybody works full-time).

Your prize (apart from all the benefits you’ll experience from having your inbox under control) will be a package of downloadable resources to help you continue mastering email, one each from Marsha, Monica and Steuart.

In the meantime, if there's anything we can do to help you or your team to better manage email, don't hesitate to contact me direct  - whatever I can do, I'm here to help!

All the best!

Steuart Snooks
E-mail Strategist
Mobile: 0413 830 772
Email: steuart@solutions4success.com.au