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Quit organizing your email into folders!

A recent study by IBM asked the question: what takes less time, using search to find a buried email or trying to find it in one of your email folders?

It turns out that searching is much faster. On average, it took participants 66.07 seconds to search for an email compared to 72.87 seconds to find an email in a folder - but these times don’t take into account the time spent sorting the email into a folder in the first place!

These days it's much faster to sort and search through a single email folder than trying to find an email you've filed away in an email folder structure.

I show clients how to set up a folder called 'Filing Cabinet' and then rely on their computer's brain to search for what they want rather than using their own brain to find it in a complicated folder structure. And we already use this principle every day - whenever we do a 'google' search. 

Whenever I ask my workshop or coaching participants "what is google?" they reply "it's a search engine". I disagree - it's a filing cabinet . . . and it comes with a powerful search engine to find whatever we need in that filing cabinet!

So think of a single email folder (called Filing Cabinet) as 'google for your email'.

For those wondering how to shift from having folders and sub-folders and sub, sub-folders etc to a single folder, the key is to use categories (in Outlook) or labels (in gmail) to add criteria that will help when searching your Filing Cabinet. And the good news is that you can add multiple categories or labels, using whatever terms you think will help you when searching.

Love to hear how you go with using these ideas or if you want to have a chat about how to set this up.

All the best!

Steuart G. Snooks | 0413 830 772

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