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Steuart Snooks


I am an E-mail Strategist & Productivity Expert who works with busy professionals who are struggling to keep up with all their e-mail 'overload'.

I show them a range of best practices to help them restore e-mail to its rightful place as a tool to facilitate improved workplace and personal productivity.

My first career was in the wine industry (working in restaurants, retail and wholesale) before travelling to France to visit and work in vineyards and wineries in Champagne, Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Loire, Cognac and Bordeaux. After a period of trying to combine wine education and travel, I joined a time management company with a view to becoming a time management expert to the wine trade.

Since then my career has evolved from a position as a time management consultant to dealing more and more specifically with the email-related issues of time management and workplace productivity. I've spent much of the last decade researching and teaching what is best practice in managing e-mail overload and communicating effectively via e-mail.

People tell me I deliver insightful, entertaining and highly practical solutions that make a real difference to personal and organisational productivity. I'm also told that I help clients to make the paradigm shift in their thinking and behaviour to be more effective in managing e-mail, intergrating it as part of their overall workload. I am keenly aware that most people are ‘time poor’ and learn best from well-paced, humourous and highly practical presentations where they are fully involved, engaged and enjoying the process.  

So, with many years of ‘hands on experience’ since 1997, working with those who are overloaded and crying out for practical, affordable solutions to the various challenges of e-mail productivity, I have developed a series of workshops, presentations, webinars, coaching and associated resources that will show you and your team the highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice skills, techniques and strategies for managing e-mail.

What you learn could change the way you work . . .  forever!

When not working on e-mail I enjoy spending time with my wife Danielle, sons Andrew & Timothy, playing cricket, driving rally cars, playing chess, travelling  . . .  and, of course, a nice glass of wine!

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