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7 Ways to Write More Effective Email


In these days of e-mail overload, one of the greatest frustrations you face is not getting a response to your e-mail when you clearly require one (or the response is too slow). It can be a real challenge to break through the ‘noise’ and clutter at the receiver’s end so that you get the outcomes you want from your outgoing e-mail.

Learning how to send messages that get attention, engage your reader and motivate them to take the action you require (and in a timely manner) can make a huge difference to your communication effectiveness and workplace productivity.

This program is for you if you want to get prompt responses and better outcomes from your e-mail communications.

In this program, you will learn how to;

  • clearly identify your purpose and outcome for each message
  • identify when email is NOT the best tool of communication
  • recognise and clearly identify the four possible outcomes & actions for any given message
  • use Inverted Pyramid to structure messages for maximum impact
  • construct meaningful, action-oriented subject lines that get attention
  • thoughtfully address messages to get real results and reduce CCs
  • write clear, concise and easily understood messages that help your reader focus, so you get quicker and better quality responses
  • reduce the volume of e-mail you send and receive 


What do you get?

Pre-workshop – A survey completed on-line (anonymously) to identify your current e-mail writing challenges. Results are compiled and presented for discussion as part of the workshop. 

Workshop - A dynamic, interactive and highly practical half-day workshop utilising multi-media to enhance the learning experience for each participant. Includes;   

* comprehensive workbook/manual

* PDF version of the workshop slideshow available to each participant 

Post workshop – Recognising e-mail habits are hard to change, the workshop is supported by;  

* series of 7 tip sheets, available in hard and soft copy

* audio CD reviewing the workshop content

* a 45 minute Q&A webinar 4-6 weeks later to answer questions and share insights (recorded version available in password-protected area

* master copy of audio from the webinar is provided for internal distribution 


What can you do now?

If you have any questions, simply contact me on 0413 830 772 to discuss how we can deliver this workshop for your organisation.