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Are you drowning in e-mail 'overload'?

Is your inbox 'out of control'?

Do you get bombarded with e-mail interruptions?

Are you frustrated at getting no response when sending e-mail?


Maybe we can help . . .


‘We work with busy professionals and organisations who are struggling to keep up with all their e-mail, helping them to restore email to its rightful place as a facilitator of improved workplace and personal productivity'


In response to those crying out for a practical and affordable solution to the challenges of e-mail overload, Steuart Snooks of Solutions for Success has developed a series of presentations, workshops, webinars, coaching and resources that teach highly practical and easily implemented Best Practice email etiquette, skills and strategies that significantly improve your individual e-mail productivity.    

These can be delivered in various formats to make best use of the time available, whether that be 45 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, half-day or a whole day. Some of the most popular solutions for accessing our expertise are outlined below.  

Taming the E-mail Tiger

How to have a more strategic approach to managing incoming e-mail that will dramatically reduce the amount of time (and cost) spent in reading and handling e-mail.  Read more . . .

7 Ways to Write More Effective E-mail

How to get increased responses and better outcomes from your e-mail communications by writing messages that get your reader’s attention, engage their interest, helps them clearly understand and then promptly respond to your message.  Read more . . .

The Science of Writing Effective Email

How to increase your influence, build rapport and get agreement when negotiating, consulting, managing, selling or providing customer service via e-mail.  Read more . . .

Conference Presentations

Designed to create awareness of the impact of current e-mail practices, stimulate motivation for change and outline a more strategic approach to managing e-mail that dramatically reduces the time and cost spent on e-mail. Read more . . .

Gidday Steuart. Yesterday was the 14th meeting of TEC 48 in the Hunter Valley. When a speaker speaks at our group, the adrenalin flows and then we write to the speaker and say how good they are.  But the real measure of the effectiveness is to see if there is a long lasting impact.  Yesterday one of our group was having trouble with his emails, time management and a few other things.  He has joined since your presentation.  Well next minute he received a Steuart Snooks presentation on how things are working from not one, nor two of our group, but from three of them . . .  thought you would like to know that you are not forgotten, but fondly remembered at TEC 48.   

Bob Kerr | Non-Executive Director and Coach to CEOs | Chair of TEC 48